Pet Care Resources

Helpful Tips from Our Allentown Veterinarians

Proper care is important to ensure that your dog, cat, or exotic pet enjoys a long, happy, and healthy life. Below, our team has compiled several links and resources designed to help you give your pet the best life possible. Find helpful information about training your pet, pet nutrition, preventative health measures, and more.

Housebreaking Video

Informative video on how to housebreak your puppy

No More Jumping!


Stop Puppy Play Biting

Got a little nibbler at home? Here’s how to stop it!

New Puppy Feeding Guide

How to feed your new puppy – 8 weeks to 1 year

Sit and Stay

Basic training techniques for puppies: Sit and Stay

Leash Training 101

How to effectively leash train your puppy

Puppy Crate Training

Crates are excellent training tools. Click on the video to learn more!

Indoor Pet Initiative

indoor pet

My Pet Care TV!

pet care TV

Kris Porter’s Parrot Enrichment

parrot enrichment

My Cat From Hell

my cat from hell

Veterinary Partner

veterinary partner

Dr. Sophia Yin

dr Sophia Yin

Fleabusters Rx

fleabusters rx

Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell

Grain Free Diets and Heart Disease

pile of dry food

Medicating your Bird

Medicating Small Mammals

Medicating Dogs: Pills & Liquids

Currently Unavailable

Medicating Cats: Pills & Liquids

Medicating Ferrets

Medicating Reptiles

Giving Subcutaneous Fluids at Home

Currently Unavailable

Giving Subcutaneous Injections at Home

Giving Injections to Reptiles


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