A Second Chance for Sunny

While a surgery as invasive as an amputation can seem devastating to most people, pets possess a much more positive outlook on the matter. Here is one of our recent success stories posted to demonstrate the amazing adaptability that animals have when faced with these situations.

Injured Golden Tabby

Sunny, a handsome golden tabby was brought to the Allentown Animal Clinic on October 22 when he stopped bearing weight on his left rear leg. He had escaped from his home the night before and upon returning the following morning, his owners noticed that he was he was hiding and his leg seemed painful to the touch. X-rays showed a fracture and dislocation of the ankle. Due to the severity of the injury, Sunny’s leg would require amputation, however, his owners wanted to try saving the leg first. He was so painful that he required anesthesia in order for a splint to be applied. After a few weeks and repeated re-splinting, it was decided that in order for Sunny to heal, the leg would need to come off. The owners signed Sunny over to the Allentown Animal Clinic, and Dr. Dan performed the surgery, which went smoothly with no complications. Sunny wasn’t one for wanting to rest, and just two days after his surgery, he was up and about. Toward the end of his hospital stay, Sunny was permitted to exercise in one of the exam rooms. He climbed through the shelves and even jumped up onto the chairs to get better view through the window. Sunny was released just a few days after his surgery and his owners report that he is doing fantastic.